Best sex toys for women

We are all pretty much the same, women, men, doesn’t matter. When we are alone and horny, we like to play with ourselves. There is nothing wrong with it, everybody in the world is doing it and it’s the most natural thing. The only problem is, what to do when the traditional way of masturbation just ain’t cutting it for you?

Well, stick around and find out just what it is you can get to help you in your adventures.

In this article we will talk about several different sex toys and what they are best for.

First of all, we would like to add that these sex toys (most of them) aren’t exclusive to masturbation only. Some couples like to spice things up in bed and they use them regularly. Some even went as far as stating that it saved their relationship.shutterstock154191479

The first toy on our list is ” Rosa Rouge Warming Vibrator ”.

31H1uH-XFvL._SY355_Most vibrators aren’t all that pleasant mostly because they just feel unnatural. This unnatural feeling is mostly due to lack of warmth. It’s all fine and well when you’re half way into it, but the first few moments simply aren’t everything you’d want them to be.

Furthermore, a study research has been conducted on when do women mostly achieve climax and they’ve concluded that the number of achieved orgasms increased drastically when women wore socks. This indicated that the warmth factor is one of the most important there is. Because of this Rosa Rouge Warming Vibrator has a thermal regulation system. Thermal regulation system will ensure that the vibrator is worm before you use it.

The next one is Lelo Insignia Alia Rechargeable Vibrator. This Vibrator doesn’t require battery replacement, all you have to do is plug it in and charge it, basically like your phone. There had been too many times when the batteries died right before reaching climax, well no more!lelo-insignia-isla-11

The third place belongs to Clitoral Pleasure Vibe.

A lot of women can vouch for this amazing Vibrator. Because of its special design you will feel like you’ve never felt before. Furthermore, this vibrator is very silent, so you won’t have to worry about weird noises.

The fourth place on our list goes to Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator.

This one is amazing for women who like to take care of the things slowly. There is simply no chance you will run out of battery and have your whole experience ruined. Although the battery life is an important factor, the most important factor when it comes to Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator is it’s amazing customizability. You can start off slowly and softly, but finish with an intensity from which there is no coming back.deluxe-magic-wand-massager-special-edition-with-10-programs-rechargeable-battery-technology

And lastly – Cupid’s G spot Smoothie Vibrator.

14938-3If you’ve been experiencing trouble with your partner because he can’t find your G spot, it’s time to do it yourself. If you’re open to a little experimentation, by all means, try the Cupid’s G spot Smoothie Vibrator. It’s shaped just for the purpose of finding the G spot and it has five types of settings.


Author: Brian Mitchell

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